This is probably the most random JEHU-CAL product we’ve ever released (for now) and I only made it because I had a dream like Martin Luther King Jr. I dreamt I was on my way somewhere in a fresh fit, it started raining and I didn’t have an umbrella so I got soaked. When I woke up from the dream I realised I don’t actually own an umbrella, and never have.

So I made an umbrella. Pretty simple story.

Here we have the JEHU-CAL umbrella, aka JEHU-CAL ‘Liquid Deflector’, that is suitable for keeping you protected from:

  • Acid rain*

  • Rain

  • Wind

  • Brexit

  • Boris Johnson’s toupee when it finally flies off of his head

  • Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend

  • Baked beans

  • Random vegans throwing vegetables at you in the street

  • And many more things

The JEHU-CAL umbrella/liquid deflector is the first umbrella you can open indoors and not get bad luck.